PDF is a common format for documents, because you can keep the original font and formatting of your documents. Chrome OS offers excellent built-in tools for viewing PDF, but you need to dig a little deeper to be able to edit PDF.

Here is the selection of different tools for editing PDF online: merging, insertion of sheets, compression, conversion and other features.

1. Chrome browser tools

PDF viewer in Chrome

Chrome has a basic set of features: you can zoom, search, save a PDF to your hard drive and send it for printing.

2. PDF preview in Google Drive and Gmail

Preview of PDF to Google Drive

Google Drive offers a few more features than the ordinary Chrome browser. It has integration with cloud storage, and the ability to redirect the document to one of the connected services for work with PDF. More information on them is found below:

3. DocHub online PDF editor

DocHub – online PDF editor

DocHub is an online tool for working with PDF. It allows you to edit documents, delete or add sheets, make notes, and much more. All this is available in the free version, with Dropbox and Google Drive integration. A number of additional functions, including the electronic signature, is offered in the paid version of the product.

4. SmallPDF.com compress PDF and much more

It immediately becomes clear that people with taste and love for technology made this service. SmallPDF once started from compressing large files to a tiny size and placing them into an e-mail. Now it offers (for free!) a number of other PDF editing features – you can merge, split and protect documents, as well as convert PDF files to PPT, DOC, XLS, JPG and vice versa.