The table format is incredibly convenient when you need simple calculations, budgeting, or draw up a family budget. It often happens that you need to view or edit .xls, .xlsx, or .csv files but don’t have the full desktop versions of Microsoft Office, Open Office or Numbers. Fortunately, technologies are developing and excel online apps are becoming increasingly popular substituting their offline counterparts.

We’ve picked for you amazing and free services for viewing and editing Excel spreadsheets online: work with formulas, format data in cells, sheets and many others.

1. Google Sheets

An example of a complex document accounting for budget and taxes

Google Sheets. Easy to use and edit, it organizes your data into folders. Moreover, you can import, export and publish sheets. There is an online viewer that supports many formats, including XLS, XLSX, CSV, and ODS. Needless to say about the rich opportunities for constructing graphs, charts and histograms.

Advanced users appreciate the ability to write own functions / macros in ActionScript. Deep integration with other Google services through formulas is another strong side of the app. For example, the formula =GOOGLEFINANCE() allows using data on stock exchanges with a flexible configuration.

This Excel online editor is included in the free package of Google Drive, which also offers a variety of tools for working with documents, presentations, drawings and others.

2. Microsoft: Excel live

Microsoft adheres to its style

Excel Live is an online version of the most popular Microsoft Office package. The online Excel editor is practically no different from its fellow desktop version. It supports absolutely all formats and offers a full set of tools: graphics, features and sync with the cloud service OneDrive.

3. EtherCalc

EtherCalc. Just drag the finished CSV or Excel XML (.xlsx) document to the page and it will immediately be imported into EtherCalc. Or create a new document by hitting a button. EtherCalc seems no less comfortable and functional than Google Spreadsheets and similar software. On Github, the author explains that EtherCalc is a Node.js port of the SocialCalc application. The program can be installed locally for offline use.

4. Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet. This is the simplest of all the online services above. Zoho Sheet represents an office document viewer with the basic tool kit: charts and standard formulas. Its interface is in general quite intuitive but not so good when it comes to configuring filters as compared to the spreadsheet application from Google.

What online table editor do you use and for what purposes? Write in the comments below ?!