How to edit Excel online

The table format is incredibly convenient when you need simple calculations, budgeting, or draw up a family budget. It often happens that you need to view or edit .xls, .xlsx, or .csv files but don’t have the full desktop versions

How to upload files to cloud storage?

In the age of high technology and Internet globalization modern people, who can’t imagine life without Internet, want to easily and conveniently access their files from any device. So the easiest solution is cloud storage. Many users wonder how to

Word editor online. Services for editing texts and documents

Each of us got into a situation when you urgently need to open and edit office documents, but can’t find the needed software. For such cases, our editors picked the best services Word online file editors. This is a convenient

PDF Online Editing Tools

PDF is a common format for documents, because you can keep the original font and formatting of your documents. Chrome OS offers excellent built-in tools for viewing PDF, but you need to dig a little deeper to be able to – create interactive flash presentation

Presentations help exploit the potential of our ideas in the most obvious way. There are many different programs and services that help us design and create presentations. Some people use the standard applications and tools that have long proven themselves